Allison (rogue_underdog) wrote in tru_paranoia,

For Land of Art

TITLE: How to Rule the World (and Maybe Ruin Some Lives)
STARRING: Carrie Underwood, Melissa Gilbert and Matthew Perry
SONG: Judas - Lady Gaga


Jenelle (Carrie Underwood) has a reputation among her family and friends for being a "Judas". She takes great pride in her manipulation tactics and betrayals, yet can somehow manage to come out of situations with people still on her side. She moves to a new town, vowing to put behind her wicked ways. That is, until she meets her neighbor, Marie (Melissa Gilbert), who just so happens to be in love with the maintenance man for their apartment, Harry (Matthew Perry). Jenelle sees it as an opportunity to use her skills for good rather than her usual deceit, making a promise to Marie that she would help. Problem is, Harry starts to fall for Jenelle and Marie sees it as the ultimate betrayal. Can Jenelle manage to salvage her only friendship while still trying to use her gifts for good?
Tags: land of art
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